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Kuroge Wagyu beef A5 rank steak · Carpaccio · Pizza · Pasta with large plate Party course Drinking 5000 yen

Kuroge Wagyu beef A5 rank steak · Carpaccio · Pizza · Pasta with large plate Party course Drinking 5000 yen

5000 Yen

tax included

  • 10items
  • 2persons
All-you-can-drink available

120 minutes system (LO30 minutes ago)

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Course menu

◆ appetizer three Assorted

Look forward to three small bowls!

◆ Two morning pride of deep fish de carpaccio

Two species of fresh fishes outstanding fresh on that day!

Homemade sauce best match

◆ Crispy bacon Caesar salad

Together with rich Caesar dressing with fresh vegetables and crispy bacon

◆ Specialty! Kuroge Wagyu Beef A5 Rank Carbie Steak Teppanyaki

Chill's specialties can be enjoyed in the banquet menu

Grill it gently with steel plate and put sauce in front of customers

◆ Mashed potato oven baked bucket on top

One popular item

Eat with Calvi Steak and even ◎

◆ Shrimp and Avocado Raw Spring Roll

The strongest tack of shrimp and avocado!

I will color the party gorgeously

◆ plenty of cheese tomato pizza

Speaking of parties!

Homemade tomato sauce with plenty of cheese

◆ Homemade pickles of colorful vegetables

Fresh fresh vegetables

Along with sake before the end

◆ today recommended pasta

Must eat pasta made by former Italian chef!

What pasta? Pleasure of the day!

◆ Vanilla ice

To your mouth again !!

※ The food content may change depending on the purchase situation.

All-you-can-drink menu

Asahi Super Dry (medium bottle)
· Ureshino-juku (Wen · spicy), Hakusaku star, Masamune Yamagata, Takashi
· Sweet potato (Black Kirishima · Sonojyo) / wheat (medium) / rice (hello well) / brown sugar (hatari) / awamori (remaining wave)
·Plum wine
· Akei Plum wine / Mega plum wine / Green tea plum wine
· Barrel wine sparkling / red / white
·Fruit wine
· Shikuwasa sake / Yuzu / Cider sauce / Momozu / Mandarin sake
· High ball / cassis orange / cassis grapefruit / cassis soda / gin tonic / gym bag / vodka soda / vodka tonic / peach oolong / peach soda / peach orange / lychee orange / litchi grapefruit / lychesada
· Lemon Sour / Grapefruit Sour / Oolong Hi / Green Tea High / Barley High
·Soft drink
· Cola / Gingeraire / Orange / Grapefruit / Green tea / Oolong tea / Barley tea

2018/10/22 update