• 【Odawara Port direct fresh fish】

    • Odawara Asahi Fresh fish Assorted sashimi

      1500 yen (tax included)

      Absolutely because of being caught in the morning! Include your heart fullly !!

    • Odawara Harbor Direct! Fish Fish de Carpaccio

      1100 yen (tax included)

      Fresh fish in the morning is also delicious in carpaccio! Enjoy different flavors from sashimi in various sauces!

  • 【Domestic Japanese black wagyu beef A5 rank meat】

    • Calvi steak with the strongest specialty in Izakaya history !!

      1480 yen (tax included)

      No explanation required.Please feel the purport of uselessness of domestic black beef cattle A5 rank question and answer by chill!

    • The strongest in Izakaya history! Special-purpose Harame's dice steak

      1380 yen (tax included)

      Domestic Japanese Black Wagyu beef A5 ranked Harami with dice steak! It is a must for meat lovers!

    • Domestic Japanese Black Wagyu beef A5 rank meat use! Broth meat cutlets

      980 yen (tax included)

      Domestic Japanese Black Wagyu beef A5 Rank meat to luxury meat! Enjoy spilling overflowing meat juice ~ ♪

  • 【Creation of Chill】

    • Grilled with oak! Mashed potato oven

      480 yen (tax included)

      Everyone loved mashed potatoes baked in the oven! It is chill style to eat steak and mashed potatoes on bucket together !!

    • Father's smoke platter

      850 yen (tax included)

      Smoked smoked farmer's owner's father in his parent's house is superb !! Popular menu since its inception

    • Shakijaki Lettuce Pig Roll ~ Sukiyaki style ~

      680 yen (tax included)

      It is preeminent for lettuce shakiyaki texture and taste of pork! Better if it is related to specialty sukiyaki sagure

    • Stuffed with ham of mushrooms and simmered with garlic oil

      700 yen (tax included)

      Hot strings juicy.I packed matured hamon Serrano in mushrooms.Taste plenty of umami without spilling meat broth!

    • Hamburger cheese pork roll

      650 yen (tax included)

      Crispy outside, fluffy inside, cheese compact! The balance between texture and your favorite sauce ◎

    • Fluffy! Shrimp mayonnaise

      750 yen (tax included)

      I made tempura shrimp prawns fluffy.Come with a lot of specially made mayo sauce

  • 【Chicken dishes】

    • Deep fried from juicy

      700 yen (tax included)

      Friendly juicy thigh with a salty taste!

    • Lots of cheese chicken chicken

      700 yen (tax included)

      Pickled in special sauce Daled with fragrant roasted meat and plenty of cheese is the best match!

    • Stir-fried chicken skin kimchi

      650 yen (tax included)

      To the chicken skin a plenty of umami with the best combination of kimchi and plenty of bean sprouts.It is a mistake-free gem!

  • 【salad】

    • Japanese style salad with steamed chicken and tofu

      800 yen (tax included)
    • Crispy bacon Caesar salad

      850 yen (tax included)

      Caesar salad which everyone loves.Crisp bacon is accent!

    • Creamy Bagna cauda of ground vegetables

      1000 yen (tax included)

      Fresh and fresh vegetables.Not based on oil, cream base thick rich original sauce.Easy to get involved with vegetables, finished easy to eat.

  • 【Seafood snacks】

    • Fresh fish drool Yukke

      650 yen (tax included)
    • Cucumber plum of octopus and cucumber

      600 yen (tax included)
    • Combination of flounder and salt konbu with ginger

      650 yen (tax included)
  • 【Appetizers】

    • Cream Cheese Nachos

      600 yen (tax included)
    • Boiled and edamame

      400 yen (tax included)
    • Thickness baked egg

      550 yen (tax included)
  • 【Fried food】

    • Crispy! Real Tonari Corn

      600 yen (tax included)
    • French fries

      550 yen (tax included)

      It's a classic menu that I'm asking for.Salt or salt konbu

    • Snacks burdock stick

      550 yen (tax included)

      I caught a burdock spicy.Beer is going all the way!

  • [Rice thing]

    • Choose! Small roll roll sushi

      800 yen (tax included)

      Tuna · Salmon · Flounder · Asia · Confucius Please choose as you like.

    • Ishiyaki Meita Carbon udon

      900 yen (tax included)

      Pour special sauce in azuatu stone and you will soon be carbonara udon udon !! Mix well and cook before you cool!

    • Plenty of vegetables Taco rice

      750 yen (tax included)

      Tacomote which seasoned with secret spice is excellent! Plenty of vegetables and plenty of girls Uke mistake!

    • The taste of a coffee shop! Iron board Napolitan

      850 yen (tax included)

      It's not a cafe, is not it cafe? There is a nostalgic taste not to disappoint you!

    • Sausage and mozzarella cheese tomato pizza

      750 yen (tax included)

      Original tomato sauce in homemade pizza dough.It is a deliciousness that plenty of cheese turns into a habit.

    • rice ball

      250 yen (tax included)

      Plum · Salmon · Mentaiko You will want to eat if your hungry is empty.

    • Ochazuke

      450 yen (tax included)

      Suzu with plum · salmon · mentaiko · ♪.

  • 【dessert】

    • Turtle homemade fondant chocolate with vanilla ice cream

      750 yen (tax included)

      Chocolate · Matcha Two types of fondant chocolat can be chosen, of course handmade! Sweet taste is also satisfying taste.

    • Rock grass parfait with handmade chocolate brownies

      700 yen (tax included)

      A parfait made with cute rock glasses.Popular with just right size after eating.

    • Cold cheesecake - Berry sauce ~

      700 yen (tax included)

      Cheese cake to eat while melting in the mouth.Hinyari I can eat all of it.

    • ice cream

      350 yen (tax included)

      Vanilla · chocolate · green tea Please eat after dinner!